Support Us

BNYA relies on voluntary contributions to operate - we are currently wanting to increase our scanning capability and have a target of £10,000 as well as covering running costs. You can help us through this scheme that gives us a commission on pretty much everything you buy on-line - once you've signed up, click through from the "Give as you Live" portal to an on-line store and we'll receive a percentage of the purchase value (which can vary by store and product line).

A slight complication if you wish: by all means use the links below to evaluate this scheme, but if you use this link to register "Give as you Live" will contribute a further £5 once you have raised £5. You will need to enter "British National Yachting Archive" in the box "Enter cause name". In the same way, once you have registered, if you refer someone you know to the scheme with a link that will be sent to you, then we'll receive a further donation.

Please note - it is recommended you install the donation reminder for your browser - this will add a "Give as you Live" icon to your toolbar (giving you direct access to your favourite sites), indicate that you are logged in and who you are supporting with a flash at the top of the page or enable you to log in with a single click, flag up sites that make a donation in your search results and enable you to turn on "Give as you Live" when viewing a site that donates (except for - for that you'll need to enter the site through the portal - it is suggested you add it to your favourites, then it will appear in the drop-down list on the icon)

Please also consider becoming a member - see here then click through to 'Application Form' or 'Apply on-line' and follow the instructions.

or you can just make a donation: