Input Catalogue Information

Please use these forms to submit or amend information about items in your or your organisation's collection of yachting material.

This information will be used to build a catalogue of the contents of your collection. Before you can use this input system, you will need to have submitted a profile of your collection and received an ID which will be used to connect the items to that colelction and your organisation.

Please consider the granularity of the data - it may not be necessary to catalogue every single item (e.g. every sheet in a file or each issue of a magazine collection) if they can be satisfactorily described as a group and are not likely to be separated. However, when we are able to digitise material, it would be helpful if items that would require a separate file are individually described.

Please use the form for Items for all items except books. Books are treated differently, since many organisations may hold copies of the same book - a separate book catalogue identifies which organisations hold copies of books.