Given that much of what happens on and off the water, if not the stuff of legend, is at least based on anecdote and personal interactions that are not usually documented. It is our intention to capture the memories of those involved through recording their memories through:

  • Submission - that is, to send us a file of your thoughts or memories. The format may range from a simple anecdote, through a more detailed essay, to a full analysis or monograph/pamphlet.

  • Oral histories - that is, to interview sailors, designers, boatbuilders, sailmakers, etc. to piece together the stories of major events such as sailing events, technical breakthroughs, policy decisions, etc.. Notify us if you would like to participate or nominate someone to be included in the programme.

  • Witness seminars - that is, to get a small group of people together who shared experiences with a moderator and record them talking and reminiscing. Notify us if you have an idea for such an event.