The British National Yachting Archive is a membership organisation, membership being by personal or corporate subscription. Funds will be used to further the work of the Archive and jointly fund grant-aided projects which offer less than 100% support.

Naturally, we will produce periodic communications concerning our work and organise events for members. However, please note that ALL communication will be electronic, in keeping with the "virtual" nature of the project and to ensure that funds can be directed to the main purposes.

Why Join?

To ensure that knowledge of the massive contribution that our sport has made to the country is maintained and raise the media profile so that it can continue to be supported and recognised.

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Do please gift aid your subscription since that will enable us to increase resources through the tax benefits. Please then notify the British National Yachting Archive if you:

  • Want to cancel the declaration.
  • Change your name or home address.
  • No longer pay sufficient tax on your income and/or capital gains.

Tax claimed by the British National Yachting Archive:

  • The British National Yachting Archive will reclaim 25p of tax on every 1 you give on or after 6 April 2008.
  • The Government will pay to the British National Yachting Archive an additional 3p on every 1 you give between 6 April 2008 and 5 April 2011. This transitional relief for the British National Yachting Archive does not affect your personal tax position.

If you pay income tax at the higher rate, you must include all your Gift Aid donations on your Self Assessment tax return if you want to receive the additional tax relief due to you.